What Happened To Katniss After The Hunger Games Ended

What happened to Katniss Everdeen following the events of the Hunger Games series? Jennifer Lawrence played the role of Katniss in all four films before the series came to an end with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 in 2015. Katniss was a citizen of District 12, the poorest district within the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, and she served as the Hunger Games‘ central character. Katniss supported her mother and sister after her father died in a coal-mining accident. During the annual Hunger Games event, Katniss bravely volunteered to take the place of her little sister, Primrose.

After becoming a heroine in her first Hunger Games, she and her fellow District 12 victor, Peeta Mellark, were thrown back into the battle royale in Catching Fire. Her distaste for the Capitol and Panem’s President was felt by others within Panem so she became a symbol of hope. Katniss’ allies were able to extract her from the Quarter Quell arena where she was taken to safety in District 13. From there, Katniss became the face of the rebellion and helped lead a group of special forces alongside her old friend, Gale Hawthorne. She successfully overthrew the dangerous figures harming Panem but she suffered heavy losses along the way.

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In Mockingjay, Prim was inadvertently killed by an explosion invented by Gale. This greatly crushed Katniss in a number of ways. Not only did she lose her sister, but her feelings toward Gale also changed immensely. For much of The Hunger Games series (both in the novels and movies), Katniss was stuck in a love triangle with Gale and Peeta. After Prim’s death, she couldn’t even look at Gale without thinking of his involvement in her sister’s death.

Following her assassination of Alma Coin, Katniss was taken into custody but later acquitted due to her state of sanity. She was sent back to District 12 where she became depressed due to the trauma she has faced. In the Hunger Games books, her mental health struggles are much more drawn out. It took Katniss a long time to work through her PTSD. Peeta was there to help her recuperate since he was also dealing with the tragic events.

The Hunger Games epilogue took place 15 years after Katniss returned to District 12. It was revealed that she eventually married Peeta and they had two children. She tried to put her past behind her but Katniss was still plagued by nightmares well into her adult life. She feared for the day when her children learned of the Hunger Games and Katniss’ involvement in the war. To get through the tough days, Katniss learned how to focus on the good that she has witnessed in the world. At that point it seemed that Katniss was never going to be able to forget her past but she was on the right track in coping with the PTSD.

Katniss’ story might be over but the world of Panem will soon be back in the spotlight. An official Hunger Games prequel novel by Suzanne Collins is in development, and the rights to the film adaptation have already been settled. We may not get a chance to see Katniss on the big-screen again but maybe some of the Everdeens will be featured.

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