What to Expect From Turn Up Charlie Season 2

Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie season 1 is out now, but what can fans expect from a potential season 2 of this comedy TV show starring Idris Elba? A passion project for the actor, Turn Up Charlie sees Elba starring as the titular Charlie, a former one hit wonder turned small time DJ who’s roped into becoming a manny (that’s “male nanny”) for the daughter of his childhood best friend.

However, the only reason Charlie agrees to nanny for his established actor friend David (JJ Feild) is so that David’s wife Sara (Piper Perabo) – herself a world-famous DJ – will help Charlie reignite his music career. But taking care of the young Gabrielle (Frankie Hervey) is more trouble than Charlie anticipates. The Turn Up Charlie trailer teased an entertaining comedy that allows and Elba to get away from the more dramatic roles for which he’s known, such as in Luther and The Wire.

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Now that Turn Up Charlie season 1 is available on Netflix, users may give this offbeat comedy a chance, if only to see Elba demonstrate his real-life DJ skills (he typically performs under the name DJ Big Driis). For those wondering what’s next for the show, here’s everything we know about Turn Up Charlie season 2.

Netflix Hasn’t Renewed Turn Up Charlie For Season 2 (Yet)

Since Turn Up Charlie season 1 has only just been released, Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet. Typically, the streaming service waits about a month before making any kind of decision about cancellation or renewal. If they keep up with that pattern, fans should find out mid-April whether Turn Up Charlie will return for season 2. However, Netflix may also delay the annoucement, so news could arrive any time after that point as well.

When Will Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Release?

If Netflix renews Turn Up Charlie for season 2, it will likely arrive in 2020. Netflix shows typically take about a year-long hiatus in between seasons, even if they’re shorter like Turn Up Charlie. Further, it would also depend on the schedules of the actors involved. Elba has a busy year lined up with roles in the movie adaptation of the musical Cats and a leading role as Deadshot in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad among others. So even if Netflix renews Turn Up Charlie, it remains to be seen when the show would be able to get back into production, which might delay it to late 2020 or 2021.

What Will Turn Up Charlie Season 2’s Story Be About?

SPOILERS ahead for Turn Up Charlie season 1

Turn Up Charlie concludes with Elba’s titular character having learned a lesson from his second shot at fame, one he failed to learn during his previous brush with it in the 90s. The season finale also sees Charlie officially transition into a new phase of his life, leaving the role of manny behind, extricating himself from the complicated working/personal dynamic between himself and Sara and leaving on a world tour with her former manager, Astrid (Angela Griffin). Meanwhile, Sara and David have officially separated, with Sara and Gaby remaining in London while David goes off to shoot a blockbuster film. For all intents and purposes, the story of Turn Up Charlie seems wrapped up by the end of season 1, and leaves few loose threads that could be explored in season 2.

Certainly, a second season of Turn Up Charlie could follow Charlie as he DJs around the world and explore how his career is affected by dating Astrid, who’s also his manager. Additionally, the show could potentially further explore Charlie’s relationship with his parents and aunt. He blew up his relationships with his family at the end of season 1 by telling his parents the truth about his career and also outing his aunt to his mother (though his aunt was forgiving).

In terms of the other characters, a potential Turn Up Charlie season 2 could also follow Sara and Gaby as they acclimate to London without David and Charlie. Of course, Charlie will no doubt return to London at some point, and David as well, which could prove to be a situation rife with drama. So, while the Turn Up Charlie season 1 finale has a definitive ending (potentially in case the show isn’t renewed), there’s still room for more hijinks in a possible season 2.

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Turn Up Charlie season 1 is currently available on Netflix.

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