Wolfenstein Youngblood Ending Sets Up Wolfenstein 3 In The Craziest Way

The Wolfenstein: Youngblood ending sets up Wolfenstein 3 by blowing the franchise wide-open, as Adolf Hitler prepared a scenario in which the world wouldn’t survive without him. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is set around 19 years after the events of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and B.J. Blazkowicz has become a hero, as he was the man responsible for killing Adolf Hitler. Blazkowicz went on to marry Anya Oliwa and they would have twin daughters – Jessie (Jes) and Zofia (Soph), who were raised in a newly liberated USA. Wolfenstein: Youngblood opens with B.J. mysteriously disappearing without leaving any information concerning his whereabouts. The twins find a map in the attic of their home which shows Nazi-occupied Paris and photos of people placed upon it. The girls steal a helicopter and head to France in search of their father.

The Blazkowicz twins manage to contact the French Resistance, who are led by a woman named Juju and her mute assistant Jacques. Juju claims that B.J. was last seen trying to enter a mysterious facility called Lab X, whose location is protected by three heavily guarded towers known as the Brothers. It’s up to the Blazkowicz twins to infiltrate the Brothers and discover the location of Lab X, which makes up the bulk of the story of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Once the location of Lab X is discovered, it’s revealed that Jacques and Juju are actually Lothar and Julie Brandt – two Nazis who infiltrated the French Resistance in order to help form their so-called “Fourth Reich” and stage a coup in Berlin.

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The twins finally find their father in Lab X, where he reveals a secret about his legendary encounter with Adolf Hitler. B.J. discovered that Hitler had created a doomsday weapon that would activate upon his own death, in order to take the whole world down with him. The nature of the weapon is tied to the weather, which has become increasingly hostile to human life over the years. B.J. discovered the existence of an alternate dimension where the Nazis were defeated earlier and the doomsday weapon was never finished, but he had yet to work out how to access it.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood ends with both Lothar and Julie being slain, but the Fourth Reich manages to seize power in Berlin, which will lead to a new conflict in the future. The weather grows increasingly harsh and storms beat down on Paris. The Wolfenstein: Youngblood ending cutscene shows the Blazkowicz twins sitting in the ruins of Paris while discussing their next move. The Fourth Reich is on its way and they have to salvage as much of Lothar and Julie’s technology as possible, as the next stage of the war will take place in the skies.

The Wolfenstein: Youngblood ending is filled with enough sequel hooks to make Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver blush. Hitler’s doomsday weapon adds a ticking clock to the proceedings, as B.J. claims that it will eventually make the Earth inhospitable to human life, but Lothar’s off-hand comments about creating a new world in the heavens suggests that the Fourth Reich may have the technology to create a floating city (like the one in Bioshock Infinite) or are preparing a move to outer space. The twins have been left to defend Paris against the Fourth Reich, but there is also the question of what B.J. plans to do, as his involvement with the other dimension where the Nazis lost World War II (which is hinted to be ours) suggests that he might go on an adventure in the multiverse in order to find a counter-measure to Hitler’s doomsday machine or will find a way to go back in time and end World War II at the canonical moment in time.

The fact that Adolf Hitler was killed off-screen is also very suspect, as a version of Hitler in a robot suit was the final boss of Wolfenstein 3D. It’s possible that Hitler is being kept alive by technology and will return to face B.J. or his daughters in an epic showdown in the next game. Wolfenstein 3 is confirmed to be in development, but little information is known about the game so far. The fact that the Wolfenstein: Youngblood ending has so many sequel hooks suggests that the wait for the next game might not be as long as fans expected, as the final game in the reboot trilogy is promising to end the story with a bang.

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