Wreck-It Ralph 2 Continues Box Office Lead; Creed 2 Defeats Rocky Balboa

Ralph Breaks the Internet continued to lead the competition at the box office this weekend, while Creed II surpassed the domestic total of Rocky Balboa. Typically, the Thanksgiving window was jam-packed with several movies looking to make a splash over the holidays. Some of these projects, like the latest Robin Hood retelling, crashed and burned, but others had very lucrative weekends. Ralph and Creed were two sequels that outperformed their predecessors, riding waves of positive buzz and capitalizing on brand interest.

There’s usually a bit of a slowdown at the multiplex between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as the first couple of weekends following Turkey Day primarily consist of lower-profile offerings that are just filling a void until the bigger holiday movies come out. That was certainly the case this weekend, and the top of the charts was dominated by the holdovers.

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According to Box Office Mojo, Ralph Breaks the Internet earned $25.7 million domestically in its second weekend, a 54.2 percent decrease from its debut. The animated film is now up to $119.2 million domestically, ahead of the pace of the original (which grossed $101 million through 12 days). The other noteworthy box office development was Creed II raising its Stateside haul to $81.1 million, moving it past Rocky Balboa ($70.2 million) on the all-time franchise chart. It’ll pass Rocky II shortly and then set its sights on the first Creed.

This weekend saw only one new wide release, horror film The Possession of Hannah Grace. That movie came to theaters with very limited fan fare, so it didn’t leave much of an impression at the box office. During its first three days, it earned $6.5 million, which was good enough for seventh place. Fortunately for Sony/Screen Gems, Hannah Grace sported a micro budget of $9.5 million and has already made $10.6 million worldwide. It should be able to turn a minor profit for the studio as long as it continues to do relatively well with its target audience. Since Halloween dominated the box office back in October, there haven’t been many horror films out there, so fans of the genre might seek out Hannah Grace in order to get a scare.

Looking ahead to next weekend, it should be more of the same. There are no wide releases on deck, with the likes of Ben is Back, Mary Queen of Scots, and more coming out in limited. This ensures the high-profile holdovers will be able to pad their totals going into mid-December, and they’ll need all the help they can get. Several of the Christmas movies are already generating substantial buzz. Into the Spider-Verse won Best Animated Film from the New York Film Critics Circle, Mary Poppins Returns has entered the Oscar conversation, and Aquaman and Bumblebee will be looking to do well commercially. Wreck-it Ralph and Adonis Creed better enjoy the lax competition while they can.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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