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Wynonna Earp, the science fiction meets Western show, is both a fun and intriguing show to watch. We get to see Wynonna wrestle with the Earp curse and her purpose. The Earp curse is that the Earp heir will have to kill the revenants, only to know that they will resurrect for the next heir to do the same. We also see the complicated family Earp history and meet other fascinating members of the Earp family like the sisters. In addition, we have a team of friends and lovers working together to save the world.

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All these ingredients prove to make a fascinating show. So, when we heard that Wynonna Earp was renewed for a Season 4, we rejoiced. We hope that our questions are answered in Season 4.

10 Will Bobo Be Redeemed?

Bobo proves the most complicated of the revenants, partly since he started as a good guy. Bobo was a friend of Wyatt’s, not an outlaw like the others. Wyatt shot through him to get to another. Wynonna meets the Bobo of the past and finds him to be a good guy, very different than the current Bobo. She plants the seed that he is to protect Waverly, and although he may not know why, he constantly does. Bobo confronts Ward when Ward rejects Waverly since she isn’t technically his child, telling him to raise and protect her. When a young Waverly falls through the ice to get her toy, Bobo saves her.

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Yet, Bobo served Bulshar in the end, killing Julian (Waverly’s father) in front of them. Can he still be redeemed? Will he want to be redeemed? We would love to see a little of the original Bobo back to wrestle with his current demons, adding, some interesting conflict to the show and character.

9 Are Doc and the Stone Witch/Constance Still Connected?

When the Stone Witch was first harmed, Doc discovered that he would feel like an echo of her injury. This is part of the reason that Wynonna chooses to put the Stone Witch in salt, rather than to directly kill her. However, now Constance has been killed, resurrected, and then killed again.

While Doc and the Stone Witch don’t seem as connected as they once did, now that he is a vampire, he did feel her last death. What does this mean? Are their lives still somewhat connected? Could the Stone Witch use that fragile connection as a way to get back to the living world?

8 Will We Meet Baby Alice?

All of the gang came together to get Baby Alice to safety shortly after Wynonna gave birth to her. Wynonna and Doc barely held Baby Alice in their arms before they had to send her away for her safety. We understood this drastic measure. Thankfully, Baby Alice didn’t become a plot device, like a helpless character constantly under threat and in need of protection.  However, we would like to meet Baby Alice and learn of her magical abilities. Born from an Earp and Doc, she could possess power even greater than Wynonna’s.

7 How Will Michelle React When She Finds Out About Julian?

Michelle told Wynonna the truth about Julian; he was the man she truly loved (not Ward), and he is Waverly’s father. Julian was an angel who Ward kicked out of Purgatory and removed his memories. When he comes back to Purgatory, he doesn’t know who he is, and so he becomes Charlie, a firefighter. Wynonna sleeps with him and starts a relationship with him, not knowing that he is Julian.

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Once his memories return, he apologizes to Wynonna. He tells her that he didn’t remember who he was and that he loves Michelle, rather than her. Michelle had left Wynonna and Waverly to look for Julian. What will Michelle do once she finds out that Julian was in Purgatory all this time, and that he was killed? How will she react when she finds out her daughter had a romantic relationship with him? This could prove for an awkward family reunion.

6 Is the Curse Truly Broken and Are the Revenants Gone?

At the end of Season 3, it seemed that the curse was broken and that the next Earp heir (Alice) would not have to kill revenants. All the revenants who disappeared, suggesting that the curse is over. Since Bulshar was the one to start the curse and he is dead, it could have ended. Does this mean that Peacemaker, the magical gun, won’t work again? Does this mean that we won’t see Bobo?

In addition, if this was Wynonna’s purpose, what happens now that it is gone?

5 Will Wynonna and the Team Get Waverly, Doc, and Others Back?

At the end of Season 3, we see Waverly being taken into the Garden. It seems that Waverly as part angel is being forced to fulfill that post since both Julian and Juan Carlo are dead. However, she was told that she couldn’t return to Purgatory, which wasn’t the case for either of the other two angels. This makes it seem that she is being punished or held to a different set of rules. Doc (now purified) climbs the stairs to get her back.

When she gets back in town, she finds that many residents of Purgatory are gone. Why they have been taken, we don’t know. We do know that Wynonna and her team (which may consist only of the old former Sheriff since we don’t know if the other team members were taken) will do all they can to get everyone back safe and sound.

4 Is Jeremy More than Human?

In search of a new body, the Fire Witch briefly jumps into Jeremy, and then quickly jumps out. She claims that Jeremy isn’t totally human. As a child, Jeremy was trapped in a car with his mom’s dead body. We don’t really know what happened to his mother, but we do know that Jeremy can now sense when his friends are scared. In a way, he is like a bloodhound that can track fear. This ability helps the team locate members when they are separated and scared. Still, we know very little about Jeremy’s background. It’s suggested that Deputy Dolls knew and understood more, but we aren’t privy to that knowledge yet.

3 Will We Meet the Stone Witch’s Supernatural Sons?

Constance tried to get her sons back, searching for their bones and trying to resurrect them. The reason why she hated Wyatt so much was because he killed her sons, and since they weren’t human, they couldn’t be resurrected like the revenants. If she can get the bones, she can resurrect them.

In his will, Waverly’s uncle gave her one of the skulls to look after and directions about how to perform that role. So that the Stone Witch can’t get a hold of it, Waverly broke the skull, therefore cutting short her role as keeper/protector. The one son Constance did resurrect came out wrong since she had to use bones from the other in order to complete the one. We want to see more of the sons, and we want them to be resurrected correctly. We would be interested to see whether they are good, bad, or something of both.

2 Will Kate and Wynonna Team Up to Save Doc?

The addition of Kate to Wynonna Earp is brilliant as they have added another historical figure to the show, someone historically important to the real Doc Holliday. Kate also showed how complicated a romantic partner Doc was, perhaps foreshadowing how he will be with Wynonna.

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Kate, fierce in her love, actually became a vampire so that she could find Doc, who was gifted with immortality and hidden away by the Stone Witch. Both Kate and Wynonna love Doc, and it may take both of them working together in order to save him.

1 Was the Creature that Took Waverly the One that Took Willa?

At the end of Season 3, we see a tentacle creature slip out of the door at the top of the stairs and wrap its tentacles around Waverly, forcefully taking her to the Garden. When Willa was killed in Season 1, we saw a tentacle creature also wrap around her. Willa had stepped over the boundary with Bobo, a revenant, challenging her role as the Earp heir. At that time, the creature seemed menacing, and Willa and Bobo ask (in their own ways) for Wynonna to kill Willa and give Willa a gentler death. The creature was wrapping itself around an already dying Willa, making her death more painful.

However, the creature didn’t want to harm Waverly, just took her go beyond the door. What is this creature? Is it the same one that went after Willa? Could it be trying to maintain some sort of order, rather than causing harm?

Season 4 can’t come fast enough to answer these questions we have!

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