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Wynonna Earp has its own special brand of magic. The SyFy series, inspired by the graphic novel, doesn’t send witches and wizards to special schools. It does deal in curses, vampires, and magic guns though. If Wynonna and her allies had the chance to attend Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, they’d certainly find themselves split up into different houses.

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Though all of Wynonna’s allies have exhibited bravery in some form, they wouldn’t all wind up in Gryffindor. That house isn’t just for the brave, but also the bold and reckless. Some of the Earp heir’s allies would find themselves in Hufflepuff, where fairness and loyalty rule. Others would end up in Slytherin, where ambition and tricksters live. The rest, those who seek knowledge and an understanding of how the world works, would find a home in Ravenclaw. Here are the characters on Wynonna Earp sorted into Hogwarts houses.

10 Nicole Haught: Hufflepuff

Nicole is a brave police officer in the strange little town of Purgatory. She also investigated the demonic happenings of the town before she even knew what they were. That might make her seem like a Gryffindor, but Nicole Haught firmly belongs in Hufflepuff.

Nicole is all about belonging and safety. When she first came to Purgatory, she didn’t quite fit in, and she kept trying to figure out why the town was so strange. Once she understood what was happening, she also found a place to fit in with the Earp family. She’s one of Wynonna’s most trusted partners for a fight, but she also found love with Waverly. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for the Earp sisters.

9 Waverly Earp: Ravenclaw

On the surface, Waverly doesn’t seem like the type of person who would spend her life studying. A bartender in Purgatory when the series began, it didn’t seem like she got out much. Of course, that’s because she was obsessed with the so-called Earp curse.

When Waverly didn’t leave the town where she grew up to attend college, she studied on her own. Not only did she learn the ins and outs of her family history, but also the town history. She also speaks four languages and is one of the best researchers in the local branch of Black Badge. She’s a natural choice for Ravenclaw.

8 Jeremy Chetri: Hufflepuff

Because Jeremy is a scientist, fans might instinctively want to sort him into Ravenclaw. He can rattle off chemical formulas and attempt experiments at the drop of a hat, it’s true. While he’s good at his job, he’s not really motivated by his quest for knowledge like someone like Waverly. Instead, his motivation comes from his need for fairness and his belief in loyalty, just like a Hufflepuff.

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The Black Badge organization does some shady things once in a while. Despite that, Jeremy never loses sight of the goal: to keep people safe. He breaks the rules when he knows what Wynonna, or Dolls, or Doc, is doing is the right thing. With the team in Purgatory, he’s found a place, and people, whose loyalty trumps working for a government organization.

7 Mercedes Gardner: Slytherin

Much of the time the audience spent with Mercedes in the show was a result of her being possessed by one of Bulshar’s widows. That possession definitely didn’t make Mercedes a Slytherin; she already was one.

Mercedes is a loyal friend to Wynonna – but only to a point. If it comes down to saving herself or helping her friend, she’s going to choose herself. The season three ending is a perfect example. When she thought she was going to get to be the queen to Bulshar’s king, she was ready to give up anyone and anything for the comfortable lifestyle. It wasn’t until she realized what would really happen that she double-crossed him and helped Wynonna, saving herself again in the process.

6 Sheriff Nedley: Gryffindor

Law enforcement in a small town like Purgatory likely expects they’ll have to deal with a few bar fights and property disputes. Nedley, however, knows differently. Despite trying to turn a blind eye to the weird and the supernatural initially, he knows his small town isn’t like anywhere else. He dedicates his life to protecting it, which is what makes him a Gryffindor.

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As sheriff, Nedley is one of the few residents who sees the supernatural goings-on in Purgatory right away. He might not completely understand them, but he keeps fighting for the safety of the residents. Even after retiring and handing his post over to Nicole, he still gets dragged back into the fight. Rather than leave Purgatory behind, he teams up with Wynonna to get the job done.

5 Rosita Bustillos: Ravenclaw

Rosita could be sneaky when she wanted to be. After all, she didn’t outright tell Wynonna, or anyone else involved in Black Badge, for that matter, that she was a Revenant. Unlike a lot of the Revenants the show spotlighted, Rosita just wanted to live her life.

Being a Revenant means that Rosita has been around Purgatory, off and on, for over 100 years. That’s a lot of time for her to live many lives. Unlike her fellow Revenants, who seemed more interested in hanging out at the bar or stealing cars, Rosita was interested in science. Rosita spent her time learning biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. Her interest in how things work definitely makes her a Ravenclaw.

4 Bobo Del Ray: Hufflepuff

Bobo Del Ray is a bit of a conundrum. When introduced to the audience, he seems like the top dog amongst the Revenants. His ability to manipulate those around him might lean the sorting hat toward Slytherin. In the end though, Bobo has a surprising code of loyalty that makes him a Hufflepuff.

Bobo only became a villain because he made a deal with Bulshar in the guise of Sheriff Clootie (and his wives). Bobo rose to become leader of the Revenants over time, assembling them like a very dysfunctional family, and protecting (most of) them from the Earp heirs. In the end, he has a soft spot for the Earp family, specifically for Willa and Waverly. Though he falls for Willa, he trusts Waverly, even asking her to be the one to “set him free” when the time comes. Bobo was just a Hufflepuff who gave his loyalty to the wrong people most of the time.

3 Xavier Dolls: Gryffindor

A member of an undercover government organization has to know how to keep his work secret. That would imply a certain level of Slytherin qualities. Despite that, Xavier Dolls is a Gryffindor through and through.

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Dolls was in an awkward position working for Black Badge. He didn’t always agree with the things he was supposed to do. As a result, Dolls didn’t always follow protocol. That sense of right and wrong, even when it goes against everything he’s trained to do, made him a special kind of brave. Trusting the instincts of Wynonna and her friends before his superiors was one of the bravest things he’s had to do since Black Badge could literally lock him in a box and throw away the key.

2 Doc Holliday: Slytherin

Like the Revenants, Doc Holliday has led a very long life. Luckily for him, he didn’t get repeatedly sent back to Hell every time an Earp heir wielded Peacemaker. Unluckily for him, he did spend a very long time trapped in a well.

Spending so much time trapped at the bottom of a well might make someone rethink their priorities. For Doc, it only reinforced his need to save his own skin before others. Of course, as the series has gone on, he’s extended that need to protect Wynonna and Waverly as well as their friends. He’ll do it by any means necessary. Like any Slytherin, he has a large bag of tricks at his disposal.

1 Wynonna Earp: Gryffindor

If someone asked Wynonna Earp what house she thought she’d be in, she probably wouldn’t say Gryffindor. Despite her bravery, her constantly saving the world, and her instinct to protect people, Wynonna doesn’t usually think of herself as the hero of the story. That might be the best reason of all that she truly belongs in a house full of brave souls.

Wynonna has made a lot of mistakes in her day. She embraces them, and she keeps moving. Unlike most of her allies, she’s upfront about her plans. Wynonna doesn’t need to trick her enemies, but comes at them straight on. Unfortunately, that means she loses as many fights as she wins. Wynonna Earp never runs from a fight, though.

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