X-Men’s Chris Claremont Thinks Idris Elba Should Play Bishop

One of the most important writers in the history of the X-Men franchise has made his choice for who should play the time-traveling mutant known as Bishop in future X-Men projects, as Chris Claremont has declared on Facebook that Idris Elba should take on the role.

Claremont is widely considered to be the most important writer in the history of the X-Men comic books. The team was originally created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, but it’s Claremont’s stint as a writer on Uncanny X-Men that helped propel the team to mainstream status, as he created and co-created the iconic “The Dark Phoenix Saga” and “Days of Future Past” storylines, the former of which is being loosely adapted for the next X-Men movie. It should be mentioned that Claremont created lots of famous X-Men characters during his tenure as writer, but Bishop was not one of them, as he was created by John Byrne and Whilce Portacio.

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Claremont put up a post on Facebook talking about the trailer for the upcoming Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw movie, in which Elba plays the leader of a terrorist organization. It was after seeing Elba playing a villain role in the trailer that Claremont took to Facebook to talk about how he would be an amazing choice for his vision of Bishop in future X-Men movie projects.

Elba already has a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he plays Heimdall of Asgard. The last time we saw Heimdall was when he was being slain at the start of Avengers: Infinity War, but he ‘s playing a Norse god and this is a comic book movie, so he could easily be brought back to life in a future film.

Bishop has already appeared in the X-Men movie franchise as one of the mutants from the future timeline in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where he was played by Omar Sy. The movie version of Bishop was only a minor character, which is in stark contrast to the comic book version of the character. The original version of Bishop from the comics was a mutant who was sent back in time to stop the X-Men from being betrayed by one of their own, which served as a running storyline for years until it was revealed that Charles Xavier himself was the traitor. The Disney-Fox Acquisition seems to be bringing the X-Men movie franchise to a close, which means that Marvel’s mutants will soon be free to join the MCU, where they’ll all almost certainly be recast. If Heimdall has truly met his end at the hands of Thanos and his servants, then there is nothing stopping Elba from playing Bishop.

The famous “Days of Future Past” storyline has already been adapted into a movie, but that film based the time travel plot around Kitty Pryde and Wolverine. The lack of focus on Bishop in that film opens up the possibility of him playing a major role in one of the upcoming X-Men movies, as the traitor storyline (along with the “Onslaught” storyline that it led into) have yet to be adapted for the movies. It’s possible that Claremont’s casting wish might come true in the future.

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