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Younger focuses on newly-single mom Liza Miller who is starting over in her 40s with little to no success. She learns that she can pass for someone in her 20s when a younger man takes interest in her, assuming she’s around his age. This is what started her evolution into the high-fashion book editor we’ve come to know and love on the show.

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Her style has evolved quite a bit over the course of the series, with her mostly gearing towards hipster trends at the beginning of the show. But by the most current season, she looks like she fits in perfectly in the Manhattan fashion scene seamlessly. These are the top 10 best outfits she has worn on the show… so far.

10 The White Fringe Dress

This look was one of the highlights of the emotional whirlwind that was the season 3 finale. Liza had a lot of drama to deal with in this finale, with her kissing Charles while Josh was preparing to propose to her in the Hamptons. He, of course, saw them and left, only to break up with her upon her return.

But in spite of all of that drama, Liza was still serving up a look with this ensemble. The mini dress she donned was reminiscent of a flapper dress with the fringe adorning the fabric. It was pure white and looked amazing against her skin tone. It’s easily one of the best outfits she has worn thus far.

9 Her Fashion Forward Snow Day

Liza Miller clearly doesn’t let something as simple as a little cold weather deter her from wearing her signature mini skirt. She has legs for days and loves to show them off, and we can’t blame her for that. She looks gorgeous in this all black outfit that is a fashion forward take on a snow day look.

Her black peacoat and beanie make her ready for the cold, but the leather mini skirt combined with knee high black socks aren’t likely to keep her nearly as warm. Even so, it is a great date night outfit that is sure to stun her current beau.

8 Her Gorgeous Asymmetrical Work Dress

As we’ve said, when Liza was initially trying to pass for a 20-something starting out at a publishing company, she dressed the part of the millennial assistant with her thrift store finds and hipster-inspired fashions. But as time went on, she began dressing more the part of a trendy book editor as you can see from this number.

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This work outfit is one of our favorites, by far. From the cut of the asymmetrical khaki dress to her simple white collared shirt underneath down to her robin egg blue heels, she looks perfect for a lunch meeting with a potentially new author.

7 Tuxedo Gown

How could we compile this list without including this stunner of a gown? It would have been a travesty. Liza wore this tuxedo-inspired gown to a work event while she was still with her boyfriend, Josh.

At this point, there was also sexual tension brewing between Liza and Charles and this dress certainly helped to capture his attention. He even helped her zip up the back that made her look incredibly sexy when she was struggling with it.

The black and white color scheme and tuxedo-esque design of the gown makes for a truly memorable look for Liza.

6 Book Con Outfit

Sometimes simplicity is what makes or breaks an outfit and in this case, the simplicity of Liza’s outfit for the book convention she was attending with Kelsey and Lauren makes it an instant winner.

Her simple white tee shirt and light-wash denim jacket perfectly compliments her floral-printed leather mini skirt. It says business casual and shows she can blend in with the young crowd without trying too hard and sticking out like a sore thumb.

They all look absolutely gorgeous and ready to take on the convention and she fits in perfectly with these 20-somethings who are attending the book con they are working at, as well.

5 Her Floor-Length Gown

In the most recent season of Younger, Charles and Liza are now officially a couple. But they also were competing against one another for authors to sign with Charles leading his own publishing company and Liza co-running Millennial.

This look was what she wore during their back-and-forth banter and competitive games while networking. It’s a jaw-dropping gown that is a floor-length metallic striped dress with a deep v-neck cut.

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It looks beautiful on Liza’s tall, slender frame and easily made it one of the best outfits she wore in the entirety of the most recent season.

4 Work-Appropriate Ensemble

Liza Miller is known for serving up gorgeous looks whether she’s out with friends, at a business event, or just walking around the office of the publishing company she works at. This next look is no exception.

The tweed business blazer she’s wearing with a black printed chiffon top is the perfect way to dress up her pair of jeans to make it the perfect work-appropriate outfit for Liza.

She manages to look as beautiful as ever in her work outfit as she does when she is wearing a stunning gown to a big event. Not everyone can do that, but it is no problem for her.

3 The Ad Campaign Jumpsuit

In the latest season of Younger, Liza gets roped into doing a huge ad campaign for a store very similar to Forever 21. With the news coming out that she was posing as a younger woman while actually being in her 40s to get a job at Empirical, they decided to use her as the model for the “Age, it’s an attitude” campaign.

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Her ex-boyfriend, Josh, ends up on the set and their chemistry is sizzling as the photographer secretly takes photos of them talking. In this moment, Liza is wearing a fun and flirty denim jumpsuit that has our nostalgia for the ’70s quickly coming back to the forefront.

2 Her Orange Sweater Dress

This color block autumn-inspired sweater dress Liza is seen wearing while at work at Empirical Publishing is one of her best outfits she has worn at work to date.

She looks gorgeous with her long hair down and curling around her shoulders as she dons this beautiful long-sleeved sweater dress that immediately makes us ready for fall weather.

She’s still able to show off her long legs in this look while keeping warm from the cold weather hitting New York City at that time. Her fashion-forward sense of style has us envious of what we can assume is an impressive closet filled with dresses like this.

1 The White Midi Dress With Cutouts

When Liza and Charles decided to go all in on their budding romance and become an official couple, this was the stunning spring dress Liza was wearing at that moment.

Her flutter cap-sleeve white midi dress is a simply beautiful outfit all on its own, but the addition of the cutouts on her sides and the tiny keyhole on the bust makes it even more gorgeous.

It was already a beautiful moment between Charles and Liza that gave them hope for their future together, but the fact she was wearing this dress in this scene made that much more special.

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